About Us

We aim to bring you the newest, freshest tracks by new and established artists from all around the world that you haven't heard before, together with the most up to date music news anywhere on the planet! In many countries around the world, media is controlled, filtered, and edited by the state, and any outside entertainment citizens are allowed to see and hear is often heavily restricted. In other countries, what you hear on radio is dictated by record companies and their relationships with the radio conglomerates.

Underground Sounds broadcasts a 60 minute long music show twice a month, where we play new music from largely independent artists and labels all around the world, free of state censors or marketing conglomerates telling our audience what to listen to. We choose what we play, and try to bring variety back to the radio experience for a worldwide listening audience. Rock, Punk, Ska, Emo, Pop, Dance, EDM, Metal, Folk, Hard Rock, we play it all for you, our listeners!

Shortwave isn't dead

Believe it or not, even in 2023 not everyone has access to WiFi or internet around the world. And even where they do, some oppressive regimes block their citizens from accessing popular music over the internet, and even block VPN access.

In 2020, a survey by TeleDiffusion de France, which operates Radio France International's extensive shortwave transmitter network, says that an estimated 2.5 billion people tune in to programs broadcast on shortwave, and about a billion receivers pick up shortwave transmissions.

At any given moment, over 200 million receivers are tuned in to shortwave broadcasts. When content is blocked online, people can't reach it. But battery powered radios still work. Even the BBC, which infamously said in a press release in 2023 that their goal is to be 100% internet based by 2035, and shuttered their BBC World shortwave service more than a decade ago, has recently revived shortwave transmissions to reach Russian audiences and inform them of the truth surrounding Putin's "Special Operation" and his invasion of Ukraine.




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Please send your reception reports/comments you have to listeners@undergroundsoundsworldwide.com. All confirmed reception reports will receive a personalized eQSL via email. Listeners within the US who send in 5 confirmed reports, and Overseas listeners who send 2 confirmed reports, will receive a special physical QSL card bearing a limited edition specially embossed gold stamp, will receive an on-air acknowledgment at the end of the show, and will be named on our exclusive Listener Club page!